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Kam bi s frazami, dragi govomik! / Spravite fraze v muzeje. / Vaše besede morajo imeti trenje, / da zagrabijo srca človeška. [SK]


Miha Jesenšek

Curriculum vitae 1997-2008

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Permanent Address: Obnove 12, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia, EU

E-mail: myname @ mysurname . si [replace italics with my name and surname]

Telephone: ++386 51 346 173

Date of Birth: March 22nd 1982


  • academic/professional: new media, media, journalism, copywriting, freedom of speech, online social networks, e-communication, e-governance, guanxi; anthropology; China; qualitative research.
  • personal: photographyi, open sourceii software and community, organisation and management of projects, skiing, horseback riding.


  • 1997-01: high/secondary school (gymnasium): Druga gimnazija Maribor, Trg Miloša Zidanška 1, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia.

Professional Work Experience

  • 2008-?: CEO and owner: ithinkthereforeiam.si, media, research and counseling agency, Ulica obnove 12, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia.
  • 2006: creative director: Sapralot, studio for advanced design and multimedia solutions, Cesta Zore Perello-Godina 3, 6000 Koper, Slovenia.
  • 2001-?: part-time reporter: ČZP Večer (newspaper), d. d., Svetozarevska 14, 2000 Maribor.

Other experience, memberships, and projects


  • 2006: University Student Award for Extracurricular Activities (Awarded by the rector, dr. Lucija Čok) University of Primorska, Titov trg 4, 6000 Koper
  • 2002: Faculty Award for organisation of International humanities camp and other extracurricular activities (Awarded by the dean, dr. Anton Gosar) Faculty of Humanities Koper, Glagoljaška 8, 6000 Koper, Slovenia


  • Slovene – mother tongue
  • English – oral and written (advanced usage)
  • Croatian – oral and written (advanced usage)
  • German – oral and written (intermediate usage)
  • French – oral and written (basic usage)
  • Chinese – oral and written (basic usage)

IT Skills

  • operating systems: MS Windows (proficient), Linux (proficient), Mac OS (basic)

  • software: MS Office (proficient), OpenOffice.org (proficient), QuarkXpress (moderate), Adobe Photoshop (basic), Adobe Illustrator (basic)

  • www: use and web design /html/ (proficient)

  • networks: Windows in Linux (basic)

Skills - Licences

  • driving licence: B, G, H (clean).

  • Maritime affairs: Boat leader’s licence of competence holder (for up to 24 meters in length)
  • Licence of competence for VHF GMDSS station holder (Very High Frequency Global Maritime Distress Safety System)

Experience Abroad

  • personal/as a tourist: Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy, Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Canada, United States of America, Hungary, The Netherlands, China
  1. Take a look at my istock portfolio, where you can also purchase my works []
  2. I’m a proud  Fedora Core Ubuntu Hardy Heron user. Was also the Editor of the first edition of ŠOUPEK project - “A bunch of quality and applied open-source software” which was (in a cooperation with Pingo Team and Linux User Group of Slovenia) prepared for and distributed in the edition of 2,000 pcs among University of Primorska students and professors. Picture of ŠOUPEK package. []
  3. 2002: Man as the Centre of the World: From Antiquity until Present; 2003: Production, Organisation, Orientation: Humanities in the Past Centuries; 2004: True or Not True: The Question of Absolute Truth in the Humanities; 2005: Academic or Applied Humanities: Which one Should Prevail? []
  4. Franz Kafka – Miha Jesenšek: In the Penal Colony; Maribor 2001 (dramaturgy, play and design); Anthony Burgess – Miha Jesenšek: Clockwork Orange, Maribor 2002 (dramaturgy and design); Vladimir Bartol – Miha Jesenšek: Alamut, Maribor 2003 (dramaturgy and design); Aldous Huxley – Miha Jesenšek: Brave New World, Maribor 2004 (dramaturgy and design). []

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